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"Integrity, dependability, taking action and being a problem solver are at the heart of who I am."

Meet Sherry



I am a 
thorough, knowledgeable, prepared and responsive representative for the First District.  Whether rolling up my sleeves in neighborhoods or the Fiscal Court room, I am a hands-on, in-depth contributor.   I am proud to have served as your full-time advocate, never shying away from asking the hard questions, tackling the tough assignments, or stepping forward as a strong, independent voice on your behalf.

Passionate about serving the First District and Franklin County.


Willing to take on new challenges. Listens and responds with action.

Problem solver and solution oriented.


Gets Results.



"The time is now to plan for a sustainable future for our community by building on our countless strengths. I encourage our community to embrace new opportunities and consider the following sectors as conversation starters: education, trades and apprenticeship, agricultural development, manufacturing re-imagined, health care, tourism, and quality of life.  Long-term sustainable growth can be ours through comprehensive approaches that bring new partners with new ideas to the table."

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