For you, your neighbors and all of Franklin County to thrive, our infrastructure, including available clean water, sanitary sewage treatment and safe county roads with proper shoulders, must be addressed.  The health and safety of your families is non-negotiable.  Therefore, as we search for cost effective solutions, let me be clear:  we will never compromise on safety. 

While Franklin County appreciates its long association with state government, we must look to other opportunities as an economic engine to build and sustain the county’s prosperity.  We need our hands to be on the wheel, guiding our community’s future rather than simply accepting decisions we don’t control, decisions made by people who live in our community briefly before moving on. 

"We, the people of Franklin County, have to drive our community’s future."

Just recently, our community lost a vital part of its infrastructure with the demolition of the Frankfort Convention Center - right in our own front yard.  What a sad day for Franklin County.  We’ve lost the facility and its estimated annual revenue of $19.3 million dollars.  That loss will be fully felt for years to come.  So, how do we turn this loss into an opportunity for all of our benefit?  It will take local officials who are creative, innovative, and open to new solutions – individuals who encourage community input to make that transition. We need new eyes, new ears, and new points of view. Our voices matter.