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Changes in our economy -- even during a pandemic -- have positioned Franklin County to take advantage of a number of opportunities for growth and development -- opportunities that cannot be ignored. Individuals are no longer attached to their offices or desk jobs and are making life-changing decisions in search of healthier work/life balances, locations with a lower cost of living, and multiple quality of life conveniences. We can achieve smart growth and sustainable development while not sacrificing our natural resources or what makes our community unique. 


Creative and innovative thinking is required to enhance our vision and investment in our future. A growing, thriving population is needed to sustain any economy. Franklin County’s population has essentially stagnated over the last two decades. Long-term sustainable growth can be ours through comprehensive approaches that bring new partners with new ideas to the table. I encourage our community to embrace new opportunities and consider the following sectors to move our community forward: education, trades and apprenticeship, agricultural development, manufacturing re-imagined, health care, tourism, and quality of life.

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